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How to Support 

Reluctant Adopters

The key to any form of coaching is relationships. Coaches who have established trust are much more likely to be invited into classrooms.Building relational trust among colleagues is a great way to bring everyone on board, especially reluctant adopters.

Use the coaching tips and tools below to:

  1. Build relationships

  2. Share ideas

  3. Showcase successful technology integration

  4. Encourage reluctant adopters of technology integration



Sample Coaching Menu

I first saw a Coaching menu at a conference I attended. You can find numerous iterations of Instructional Technology Coaching Menus by Google search or on Pinterest. I created this form using I am not sure who came up with the original idea, however, it is pure genius. Play around with the idea of various you can inform teachers of your role and how you are there to support them (and their students). 

How to Market Yourself 

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