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The InnovatEd Learning Podcast is LIVE

So happy to share that one of my summer bucket list items ACTUALLY happened!

Podcasting is a great tool for students and can be utilized in all subjects. More and more teachers are using podcasts with their students and even creating their own classroom podcasts. I have been toying with the idea of podcasting for years, but never took the time to do it. The Anchor app came highly recommended, and I was impressed by how user-friendly it was. In about two hours I had created a multi-segment podcast, uploaded my cover art, and published. EASY PEASY!!!

If you have been wanting to get started with podcasts get started today. My goal is not to become famous and rule the world (but if that should happen I'd be cool with it:), but to simply share ideas and musings.

Check out the InnovatEd Learning Podcast here.

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